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By | March 26, 2013

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the land, the decision to severely slash public-employee collective-bargaining rights in Wisconsin is sending a jolt through federal

unions in Washington.TUSCALOOSA, ALA. — No.
3 Alabama picked up another dramatic win and a second straight trip to the Southeastern Conference championship game. Keeping off the pounds is never easy, but for New York politicians facing months of generously catered campaigning, it can be torture. Part of the beauty of travel, stylistically speaking, is letting go of the restraints of the everyday for a more carefree look. As consumers and businesses have begun to seek green products in recent years, environmental certification has become an increasingly crowded — and contested — field.
To motivate the Rangers, Coach John Tortorella showed a reel of offensive highlights from the season. The tactic woke up the Rangers, who ended their skid with a win over the Devils.
While the death of Venezuela’s stridently anti-American President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday raised hopes in Washington for better U.S.-Venezuela relations, the Obama administration reacted cautiously as it weighed the prospects for a diplomatic

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